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Next Generation Learning Center
At our nursery, we don't just focus on academic knowledge and preparation for school. We develop communication skills, creativity, emotional intelligence, and prepare a child for an independent life. We take care of the intellectual potential of children. At our nursery children are self-aware individuals. A large number of activities and teachers, from an early age help children to understand what they want to do in life.
Our team
Our experienced teachers will provide a solid foundation for the future development of your children.
Elena Linova Droushoti
Speach therapist

Speech pathologist, Speech and play therapy. Teacher of Russian as a Foreign Language. (Moscow State Pedagogical University).
Erika Griciute Stylianou
Education: Lithuanian Business College. Bachelor Degree of Business Management of Recreation and Tourism. Lithuania 2010-2014

Tessalia Charalampus
Preschool teacher.
Group from 0 to 2 y.o.
Preschool Teaching Degree. Experience as a teaching assistant and kindergarten teacher
Irina Theodorou
Nursery teacher.
Group from 0 to 2 y.o.
Angela Cozac
Preschool teacher.
Group from 2 to 3,5 y.o
Diala Kara
Preschool teacher
Group from 3,5 to 5 y.o
Yulia Savinykh
Preschool teacher
Group from 3,5 to 5 y.o
Nadezhda Moskvicheva Akhilleos
Special Education teacher
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