Dream Wonder

Next Generation Learning Center
At our nursery, we don't just focus on academic knowledge and preparation for school. We develop communication skills, creativity, emotional intelligence, and prepare a child for an independent life. We take care of the intellectual potential of children. At our nursery children are self-aware individuals. A large number of activities and teachers, from an early age help children to understand what they want to do in life.
Our team
Our experienced teachers will provide a solid foundation for the future development of your children.
Elena Linova Droushoti

Speech pathologist, Speech and play therapy. Teacher of Russian as a Foreign Language. (Moscow State Pedagogical University).
Nadezhda Kulakova
Speech pathologist
Speech pathologist, teacher (Sholokhov Moscow State University for Humanities)
Julia Savinykh
Head teacher
Maria Mikhail
Preschool teacher
Tessalia Kharalampus
Preschool teacher
Nadezhda Moskvicheva Akhilleos
Special Education teacher
Dora Phisentsu
Teacher assistant
Elena Kondratenko Khambi
Teacher assistant
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