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To grow and develop a child needs not only the care and love of his parents but also educational activities that will help to reveal his talents. Our child development center is a great place for the education of toddlers, preschool, and school children. Our team is experienced teachers, psychologists, and speech therapists are ready to help and guide children in their learning.
Therapeutic Speech Massage
Therapeutic speech massage is one of the effective correction methods of speech disorders.
What skill will every person need in the future - Creativity. And art is a great way to develop it. Our art lessons also help to develop fine motor skills, sense of color, imagination, improve emotional state, and just bring joy to a child.
Russian Language
Your child's tutor will be not just a native speaker but also an experienced teacher. Knowledge of two or more languages opens up great opportunities for children in the future. Learning language develops their cognitive skills and helps in academic achievement. Bonus: your child will also learn amazing Russian culture.
Speech Therapy - Working for the Result.
Speech therapy is conducted by the director of the center, Elena Linova Droushoti. She has more than 25 years of experience and helped a lot of kids start to talk. She works with such disorders: speech delays, ASD, dyslalia, stuttering, dysarthria, dysgraphia, dyslexia, alalia
Sensory Room Lessons
In our sensory room is a perfect place to check a child's current development of motor skills, sensory deficits, and get recommendations. Our professional has many years of experience of working and helping kids. She will assist your child in developing motivational and behavioral sphere, motor skills and remove sensory deficits
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We are happy to help each child develop personality, communication skills. Our teachers play to teach and always support child on his way to grown-up life.
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